Dewey, OK Custom Butcher

Peck's Custom Butchering LLC

Hard times don't have to mean hard choices when it comes to meat shopping. Make your meal planning easy by shopping for your meats at Peck's Custom Butchering LLC.

Come shop and compare our prices to your local supermarket's. You'll find our prices offer you higher quality cuts of beef and pork at prices that won't roast your budget. You'll eat well without going broke.

Own or bought a cow or hog? We'll butcher it for you!
Buying or raising your own cattle or hogs is one of the most cost-effective ways of managing your annual grocery budget. Keep those cost savings going by using our clean, professional butchering services.

Get your deer butchered too!
If you've bagged a deer, congratulations! Now let us finish your work by turning your prize into the steaks, roasts, or ground deer patties you'll enjoy throughout the year. You can even get deer sausage.

Stock your freezer with our select cuts

  • Custom Meat Processing - Beef, hog and deer butchering, beef chilled and dry aged, pork hickory smoked and sugar cured, and deer sausage or steaks
  •  Retail Meat Cuts - London broils, t-bone steaks, hamburger patties, ham, bacon, pork roasts, sausages, and hot dogs

Come to Peck's Custom Butchering LLC at 13911 US Hwy 75 for the professional butchering or top-quality beef and port cuts that leave you with a sumptuous selection of meats for your table. Call 918-534-1382 to learn more.






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